Patent number 1040234. 


Patent number 1040234. Inventor : Jasmin Hajro

The invention relates to a financial system comprising the steps of placing an amount, repeating it monthly, and reinvesting annually in investment funds: where, if there is a thousand euros in investment funds, this is sold and various types of bonds are purchased from it. By repeating this process monthly and annually, the yield to be reinvested is increasing, and more bonds, dividend shares can be purchased annually, increasing the total annual yield                              because of this the system is strengthening  itself. 


In my book Hoe je met simpele stapjes jouw eigen fortuintje opbouwt

(Translation :How to build your own Fortuintje with simple steps, 1st edition. )       

Boek Hoe je met simpele stapjes jouw eigen fortuin opbouwt

(Translation : Book How to build your own Fortune with simple steps, 2nd edition. )

En in boek Bouw jouw fortuin

(Translation :And in book Build your fortune, 3rd edition )

 I have described my financial system in simple language, so that you can systematically build up your fortune with simple steps. 

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