Jasmin Hajro

Entrepreneur, author of  11 boooks

My name is Jasmin Hajro, I was born on 6 July 1985 in Bosnia.As refugees, we came to the Netherlands 21 years ago.After having completed school & worked at several jobs On 17 December 2012, I founded my first company: investment firm Jasko. After a successful first year, I unfortunately had to close the company.
After a short period of rest, unemployment and temporary work. I could not find work anymore.I got the chance to sell greeting cards.And suddenly I had work until my retirement,and I could earn every day instead of 5 days a week.On September 1, 2015, I started the establishment Hajro.To also give other people such a chance for lifetime employment, like the one I received.Since the beginning the core activity is, selling sets of greeting cards, door to door.Nowadays the assortment has been expanded.Hajro is now part of Hajro Group.With the subsidiaries we can provide jobs forpeople who are not suited for sales or delivery.Hajro Group gives those people a chance to be lifetime employed,by doing other activities,such as window cleaning, administrative workor keeping lonely elderly people company.Hajro donates to 40 Charities &with Hajro Group we will donate much more.I am also the author of 11 books.The royalties of my books are donatedto the charity: foundation Giveth Life. 



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